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Beauty tip " Naturally Tan removal home remedies"

Effective and natural tips for  tan removal

                      Natural and Home remedies to get rid of tan / suntan   

            How to get rid of tan!!!! Some tips to naturally removal of tan /sun tan!!!

Tan removal
Usually in summer we get tan easily on skin areas like Arms, hand, back and legs specially face. we spent lot of money in salon to take special treatment for tan but these can give only temporarily relieve, to get rid of tan permanently, Just follow some tips to remove tan and appear it in your daily regime, naturally will get rid of tan.

To get soft, supple and glowing skin, try it out some easy, effective and natural home remedies to get rid of tan.

yogurt and turmeric
Yogurt and turmeric: Mix pinch of turmeric with yogurt and apply over the face and tanned skin, leave it for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. It will not only remove tan /sun tan even your skin will be brighten.

Lemon juice and malai: Drop of lemon juice and malai mix well, apply all over face leave it 10 min. then wash off. It’s very effective in tan removal. You can also apply on hand back and feet.

cucumber juice
Cucumber juice and lemon juice: Mixes well both of the juices apply it directly on face and hands; leave it for 20 minute. After that wash with cold water. Regular use of these home remedy will make your skin tan free, spot free and brighten too.
cucumber works magic as natural cleanser for all type of skin.

Bread and malai : It can be used every day before taking bath, mix bread crumbs, malai , honey,1 pinch turmeric and drops of lemon juice mix well and apply it on whole body by massage in circular way at least 10 minutes. Then rub it and take a bath with cold water. Try it once, assure, you all will make your routine B'coz its very effective in removal of tan / sun tan. Your face and skin will be noticeable, B’coz your skin will be glowing, soft and fair too.

Strawberry: Mash strawberry and apply the pulps on face. Leave it when dried wash it off with cold water. Amazing result within 1 week tan will not be seen on the skin. it is tan removal, skin brightening and skin glowing gel.

Aloe Vera: Apply aloe-Vera pulp on your skin. Let it dry then wash with cold water to get tan relief and soft and glowing skin.

Above skin care tips are very useful and effective in tan removal any of the home  remedy you want can choose and use without any side effect. you have to also take care your skin from direct sunrays.
Prevent Tan(Sunglass and Hat)
Some important suggestion to prevent tan:
1. Drink plenty of water in a day also includes coconut water and juices in your drink to keep your body dehydrated. It can give to your skin naturally glow.

2 Apply sun lotion on sun exposing area or skin (SPF 25 and +as per skin) before stepping out.

3. Always wear sunglasses or hat to save your face to direct sunlight (UVA +UVB).

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