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“UBTAN”- Natural Home remedies to get rid of tan and dark complexion

                                  Natural home remedies to Skin Care

ubtan for fair skin
“Ubtan” is traditional method to get fair and glowing skin. It has proven from the ancient time when no any cosmetic was there, it will definitely work wonder as skin care, when you will make continuous use with “Ubtan” at least for 2-3 weeks. Then of course you will realize its miracle method to get fair and glowing skin and will not left any side effect because all ingredients are natural and organic, so it is completely harm free for skin, must say best natural and organic home-remedy to get fair, glowing and flawless skin.
fair skin by ubtan
Ubtan Ingredients

Beauty tips by Ubtan Recipe: To get rid of Dark Complexion and Tan.

Bread Crumbs         : 4 slices.

Besan                      : 2 tablespoon

Wheat flour             : 2 tablespoon

Turmeric                 : 1 Pinch

Lemon juice            : 2 tablespoon

Potato juice             : 2 tablespoon

Cucumber Juice      : 2 tablespoon

Milk cream              : 2 table spoon 

Mix above homemade UBTAN recipe well, and apply on your body in circular motion and for face at upward direction, let it dry then massage in circular direction to rub by fingertips, Rinse off or take bath to lukewarm water.

Fair skin
Fair Skin
It will reveal excellent glow and fairness on your face, while the same time improve your complexion and remove tan.

Bread crumbs helps to remove tan.

Potato has excellent bleaching property.

Lemon juice and turmeric will lighten the skin. 

Milk cream will make your skin smooth and supple 
(you can use raw milk too instead of milk cream)

So,after using this "UBTAN" mix who has dark complexion can improve their complexion and tanned skin can get beautiful skin with fairness and glow and after continuous use of "Ubtan"can get rid of facial hair too.

Note: The above “Ubtan” is best for dry skin to get supple, smooth, fair and glowing Skin, Get benefits of skin care to apply "Ubtan" and share it out.

Dry Skin: Use milk and milk cream to mix "Ubtan".
Oily Skin: Use Yogurt and lemon juice to mix "Ubtan".
Sensitive and Skin: Use Rose Water to Mix “Ubtan"

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"Ubtan" - For Blemish & Acne free Skin Care Home Remedies

                                        Natural Home remedies for Skin Care

Skin care tips

 Prepare your Ubtan at home for Skin Care,  through natural items; it can make your skin safe and glowing. We all are very conscious for skin care to improve our complexion and want to look presentable.


In The following Ubtan Recipe Fenugreek and camphor powder is special content for blemish free and glowing skin.
Skin Care beauty tips
Fenugreek (Methi)
Fenugreek (Methi) easily available in your kitchen can give you relief in pimples and also reduce blemish from your skin and make it fair and glowing. 

Camphor Powder has Anti-bacterial effect so it can smooth the skin while Acne and pimples. It also helps in Skin itching and irritation. For, blemish free complexion use pinch of camphor powder in your Ubtan. Skin Care regimen essential to Reduce your all skin Problem to know about the ingredients properties and get as per your skin type solution and make your skin fair and glow. 

Fair skin
Ingredients of Ubtan

Skin Care
Wheat flour:                        2 tablespoon

Besan:                                2 tablespoon

Fenugreek powder:             1 tablespoon

Camphor powder:               1 tablespoon

Orange Peel:                       2 table spoon

Cucumber juice:                  Few drops

Tomato Juice:                     Few drops

Lemon Juice:                      Few drops

Yogurt:                               2 tablespoon

Mix well all above ingredients, and apply on your body  through circular massage, leave it for 15 minutes. Remove overall Ubtan by rubbing. Then in same time dead cells will be removed completely from your skin then take a proper bath with water, Don‘t use soap after UBTAN.
Skin Care tips
Fair & glowing skin
One of the special beauty tips it is really, it works like magic. To get rid of scars, blemish & pigmentation use above beauty tips for your radiance and flawless skin care.

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Beauty Tips to get Fair Skin by Natural Homemade Ubtan

 Skin Care Natural Ubtan for fair complexion !! Homemade Ubtan makes you fair and glowing !!

                                          Enhance your complexion and beauty. 

                                              Skin Care natural home remedies

Nature has given us such a wonderful home remedies for skin care to get rid of dark complexion, dull skin, scar marks and pigmentation by applying that you can make your skin blemish free, glowing, fair and beautiful.Ubtan works on Skin as Cleanser, Exfoliate, Scrub and Mask too. From the ancient time in India it was very popular and effective beauty tips and Secret for Skin Care

Natural Beauty

If you are going to attend a lavish party and you want to look flawless and beautiful then start "Ubtan" at least 3 times in a week, on your whole body and face too and stay away to harsh chemicalized treatment. It had complete property of Cleanser, Exfoliate, Scrub for skin care and nourishment which can reflect your Skin as glowing, fair smooth, supple and beautiful. UBTAN is using by queen and princess too from the ancient time, when we did not have any kind of beauty salon and beauty product ranges. Moreover they had a charming beauty. you guys also can opt it, so why waiting Start your day with following UBTAN recipe as per your Skin type and problems and just get fair, glowing, blemish free and beautiful Skin by using this homemade natural Skin care

Beauty Tips by Ubtan Recipe: FOR Fair and Glowing Skin :

Besan: 4 tablespoon
Natural Ubtan

Milk powder: 2 tablespoon

Almond Powder: 2 tablespoon

Turmeric: Pinch

Milk Cream: 1 tablespoon.
Lemon Juice: 2 tablespoon
Olive oil      : Few Drops

 Rose Water: Few Drops
Skin Care
 Mix all ingredients well, then apply on Skin by circular massaging. Let it dry, and then remove this natural Ubtan by massaging. Now you can take bath with lukewarm water not very hot not cold. You can notice in  your Skin and face looks brighten and lighten with extra fairness & glowing.

Use Natural Home remedies as per skin type then get rid of dull skin and dark will enjoy fair skin with elasticity that brighten and lighten too.Follow this Skin care regime regular for best result.Also Ubtan can remove Tan, Pigmentation and blackheads from your skin naturally.Really Excellent Skin Care regime must follow in your beauty regime.

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