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How to get rid of Dark circle under eyes..

                  Cause and remedies for Dark circle under eye:
Eyes are very important parts of our beauty, we should always care & maintain our eyes.For beautiful & Gorgeous look, skin should be flawless and spot & blemish free.dirk circle is an major issue to make your look attractive.If you are suffering this problem don't worry for that,here are some home remedy simple tips from our beauty secret for reduce dark circle,follow these home remedy and get relief from dark circle.
Cause for Dark Circle under eye:
*Stress.& Fatigue                             
*Lack of Sleep
*Alcohol & Caffeine consumption.

Home Remedies for Dark Circle under eyes problems do regular with these home remedy within 15 days greatest effect approved.

Home remedy for dark circle under eyes : Cut the potato into slice and keep it on close eyes so that it can cover complete eyelid,relax for 15 will remove dark circle assured solution this is but be regular ,You'll get differences Wow no dark circle Great !!!! 

Home remedy for dark circle under eyes : Massage with Sweet almond oil slowly-slowly around has one more advantage i.e.your eyelid will look beautiful with growth and do prefer at night for best result.almond oil will remove under eye dark circle and keep the eyes beautiful & gorgeous.

Remedies by Life-style:

#1.Take enough sleep at least 8-10 hours,get relax and enjoy your  Weekends need to relax more.

#2. Eat a healthy,balanced diet take vitamins.Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable like cabbage,spinach,beans & green leafy veggie.take daily vitamin supplement.

                                                       #3.Avoid smoking habit as soon as & decide to quit this if u have.  

Remedies by Cosmetic solution :
Apply an under eye cream containing Vitamin K & retinol.with these contain discoloring and puffiness will reduce after long term use and seems to have the surprising result.

You can  minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and in some cases remove dark circles completely after long term owned the remedies.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scrub your face and get fair & glowing skin

Scrub is a top beauty secret to enhance your beauty.

We apply some amount of Scrub in the form of dots on face massage gently in circular motion,leave it for 5 minutes then dampen with warm water then rinse off with cold can apply it once in a week. it removes dead cells and black heads from skin and make it healthy and glowing.

 Home made Scrub:

Use Sooji/Rava  with curd make paste and rub on your face let it dry and rinse can open your pores and remove dirts and dead cells then make your skin fair and glowing.

For Best result moisturize your skin after scrub.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

50 tips to get fair and glowing skin naturally

How to get Fair skin!!!! 50 tips to get fair and glowing skin naturally!! Face mask For glowing,soft and fair complexion naturally at home by Home -remedies
Skin Carefair skin

  Enhance your Complexion & Beauty!!!!

  Here are the Beauty secret 

skin care

To get a fair skin and glowing skin everyone desire and always want to maintain it. for flawless and radiance skin we have to follow some beauty tips. which are easily can be  done at home.
everyone go for either Parlor /beauty salon spend much money OR purchase some perfect beauty product which can make your expense much high B'coz of attraction for fair skin every girl and women want to have fair skin for that a lots of beauty treatment are available in the market herbal and chemicalized, for those here are some of the natural beauty tips and easy home remedies to get skin whitening. to make your skin glowing, fair and lighten follow these Beauty tips for best result make it a part of your daily routine.

1..For Oily skin, 2TBSP. gram flour, lemon juice ,milk cream and pinch of turmeric mix  well & apply on your face by massage slowly, leave it for 20 min. and rinse off.
 2.For instant glow & lighten apply mashed banana with honey on face.
3.For dry skin use wheat flour, curd and turmeric, it will keep the skin soft, smooth  and fair.
4.Use lemon,glycerin and honey for brighter & whiten complexion.
5.Apply tomato pulp on face and neck it will remove blackheads,whiteheads and will  close the open pores also.Automatically you will get fair and radiance skin.
6.Cut the potato in slice pour into water for 5 min. then rub up to 5 min. on your face,  slowly on dark circle and blemishes,let it dry then wash with cold water, regular use of  this home remedy will remove dark spots permanently.
7. Mix Rice flour and curd, message in circular motion over face. it's a natural  scrub.use at least once in a will improve your complexion too.
8.Boil Cumin and let it cool,wash your face with this water, amazing Glow.
9.Boil Cabbage and let it cool wash your face for Radiance look.
10.Apply carrot juice daily for blemish free skin.
11. Mix Multani mitti,sandal powder in rosewater then apply twice in a week to keep  skin glow also relax your acne &pimples.
12.Use Egg white and honey as a face mask to remove tan from the face.
13. Soak Almond in milk overnight make paste in the morning for fair skin.
14. Use saffron with milk for pinkish glow over face.
15.Use Egg yolk over face for 15 min. then wash with warm water then apply ice cube.  egg yolk moisturize the face and ice-cube tighten skin.
16. Cucumber is natural cleanser, so keep your skin clean & clear mix cucumber  juice with milk and rinse off after 15 minutes.
17. Lemon is natural bleach, slice it and rub over face and neck then rinse off, it  removes tan,dark spots,blemishes and lighten skin , After regular use your skin will  be fairer.
18.Apply mint paste on your face to make it glowing and fair.if possible make this as everyday can refrigerate this almost one week.
19.Apply Lemon juice with honey message gently it will make skin soft and smooth.
20.Apply Aloe-Vera Jel for smoother and Fair skin.
21. USE Oatmeal,Yogurt and tomato for applying this on the face, rinse off after 15  minutes with cold water. it's very effective to remove tan and lighten,skin.
22. Steam your face after every 15 days to remove dirt's from your skin and keep it glow  naturally. you can mix some mint and tulsi leaves in water while taking steam. if you  are suffering from acne just go through this process after 15 days surely, effect will tell  your mirror.
23.Apply oatmeal and cucumber juice to tighten the pores.
24. Make paste of Tulsi ,rose petals and apply over face and keep your face  acne free  and glow like rose.
25.You can also apply Raw milk everyday in the morning when you are working in your  kitchen, it is very good cleanser.
26.Potato and tomato is good bleach you can use use this beauty secret on daily basis.
27.Mix the corn flour and egg white together and apply for fairness.
28.Mix curd and turmeric apply on the face its a amazing beauty tips and beauty  secret for everyday radiance, it removes tan if use regularly 15 days.
29. message olive oil,jojoba oil and sweet almond oil for soft and glowing skin.
30.Use pulp of ripe papaya as rub on the face for 10 mins.for radiant and  fair complexion. use this beauty tips and home remedy to get forever fairness.

31.Apply bread crumbs with malai to get fair and radiant skin.

32.Soak Lentil (Masoor dal) overnight grind into a paste and mix well with milk then  apply on face, once let it dry rinse off with cold water. it will give the result effectively in fairness and glow. you can use this paste to refrigerate upto 1 week.

33. Make a paste of 1 teaspoon of malai,a pinch of turmeric and 4-5 drops of Olive  oil.Apply on your face and leave it dry, rinse off with cold water and pat dry. it's a effective home remedy for glowing and fair skin. Malai acts as a natural moisturizer, turmeric  acts as a anti-biotic and Olive oil makes skin rejuvenate.

34.Use juice of watermelon and apply over face.useful face mask for refresh and instant glowing skin.

35. Use white egg and apply on your face in an upward direction, let it dry then wash  with cold water. it will keep tighten your skin and delays wrinkles.

36. Take an ice-cube and rub gently on the face, pat dry, this will improve blood-  circulation and keep your skin glowing and tighten.

37.Use carrot and same amount of lemon juice apply over face. it works wonder as home remedy for  blemish free skin.

38.Use Milk mix with salt apply on the face. it can reduce patches on the face. but if  your are suffering with acne avoid this process.

39.Mix Orange peels with curd apply over the face and neck. after 20 minute pat it  dry.It shown very effective result naturally by this face mask.

40.Rub tomato slice on the face almost 5 minutes and once it dries rinse off with cold  water.wonderful Beauty secret face mask for oily skin to become also reduce blackheads.

41.Mix Cucumber Juice lightens your skin tone and gives a wondering relief  from  sunburn.for getting fair skin use this face mask.

42.Use milk and honey this combination is very useful to get rid of dry skin.this face  mask can nourish your skin.Milk is very good cleanser and honey can moisturize your skin.

43.Soak pinch of saffron with milk let it overnight. and in the morning apply over face it  can brighten skin and gives it a glow.

44.Apply coconut milk over face and neck to get fair skin. it also removes scars and  blemishes.

45.Mix lemon juice, rose water and glycerin together and use everyday before going to  bed and rinse off in the morning,it will supple your improves complexion also for dark skin.

46. Make paste of gram-flour, apply on the face till 15 minutes rinse off with cold water  .it's a very good cleanser. it reduces excess oil from your face.

47.Mix buttermilk and radish juice in equal amount ,to reduce wrinkles and roughness  of skin. this is wonderful beauty tips and tricks.

48.Use almond powder, malai and rose petals together for getting glowing skin, it can  enhance the beauty like rose. follow this home remedy regularly to get fair skin.
 49.Make a paste of sugar and lemon juice in your palm and rub gently on face till  sugar melt completely.this mixer let it remain 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.  it's a natural cleanser,scrub and face mask results in a very smooth,soft and fair  also improves facial's also wonderful to remove facial hairs too.

50.Soak some almonds and urad in milk overnight. Make a paste by grinding it in the morning. apply over the face, this face mask is excellent for darker skin tones to get fairer.

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